Hi there, you made it this far! And we are curious, who are you, and what do you care about in life? What positive changes are you stirring in your corner of the world? Are you somehow looking to learn more about how to have better dialogues and interactions?

This conference came about with the very hope to bring together those questions from all over the world. Many practitioners and scholars in various dialogic practices are coming together to share, learn, and laugh together.

Who's coming? People like you and I who care about how to make our everyday lives even better than yesterday. People who are in the space of social construction, collaborative dialogue, narrative practice, brief coaching and counselling, and many more. Parents, teachers, leaders, consultants, and facilitators. You got it, anyone can come and everyone will experience something meaningful and transformative in sharing stories, views, and our journeys together.

people's hands together

invited Speakers

Inviting the world-class speakers in the dialogic approaches including Social Construction, Brief Practices, Narrative Practices, and Collaborative Dialogue. Click to Learn More.

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Program Details

Call for Proposals and Presentations begins in November 2018. Inviting many scholars, researchers, practitioners, and students to submit a proposal. Click below for details.

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Sponsors & hosts

Get to know our hosts and sponsors who are contributing to the event with their talents, resources, and excitement. Find out how you can be a conference sponsor.

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Next Steps...

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